Jay’s Deck Center

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Welcome to Jay’s Deck Center, LLC, where passion and expertise converge to elevate your decking experience. Founded by Jason French in 2023, our journey stems from a decade-long tenure specializing in deck and rail within a corporate retail setting. Determined to deliver superior service and a personalized touch, Jason embarked on this venture to cater to contractors and DIY enthusiasts seeking a more tailored approach.

Jason’s commitment to excellence extends beyond professional endeavors; married to Heather, a devoted high school teacher, and blessed with two children, Jayce and Perri, he envisions a future where family values intertwine with business aspirations. At Jay’s Deck Center, every customer is met with individualized attention to discover products that align with their design preferences and financial considerations. From product selection to installation guidance, our team is dedicated to maximizing the value of your investment, ensuring a memorable journey towards realizing your dream deck. Explore Jay’s Deck Center and witness firsthand the difference our expertise and dedication can make.

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